My monthly reflexology session is an essential appointment in my diary which I never miss! These sessions have really helped me on my cancer journey and I believe they have played a part in supporting my recovery along with my medical support. Roisin has an in-depth knowledge about reflexology and this along with her advice to how to support your immune system and well-being has helped me cope better with living with cancer.

Oncology Massage Client

Since my diagnosis 5 years ago Roisin has helped me through chemo and 5 different surgeries. Roisin’s treatments are always tailored to my specific needs. I want to thank Roisin for all her help and support over these past few difficult years as she has made the journey a lot easier to bare.

Oncology Massage Client


I had been experiencing hip pain and wasn’t sleeping well and a few days after the reflexology treatment I was symptom free and very relaxed. I trust Roisin implicitly and her treatments are always nourishing and kind. She is a compassionate healer. For me, the Little House of Calm is a safe and skilled space to be in.

Reflexology Client

Roisin has a passion for reflexology and is a leading practitioner in her field. My monthly reflexology sessions have played such a vital role after operations and infections and these have supported my recovery and overall well-being. Following on from Roisin’s advice I have also bought a diffuser from Roisin and have found these oils to be helpful. One point worth mentioning is the location and ambience of The Little House of Calm which adds to the relaxing treatment.. Such bliss

Reflexology Client

Roisin’s signature reflexology treatment is the epitome of relaxation. The Little House of Calm is aptly named and once you’ve experienced any treatment performed with Roisin’s therapeutic hands you will feel utterly relaxed and renewed. I’ve had reflexology with many different therapists, suffice to say Roisin’s signature treatment is exceptional!

Reflexology Client

I am a therapist myself and I can honestly say there are no therapists that I could recommend more than Roisin. There really are no words to describe the feeling you get when you enter Roisin’s little haven. On arrival you get the loveliest smile and feeling of such positivity and I just can’t wait to lie down on the comfy bed and be transported into sheer heaven by the most gentle healing hands. She is a credit to her profession and has such a passion for her therapies and it is evident when your treatment is over you feel you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

Reflexology Client


I have enjoyed many of Roisin’s fabulous massages over the years each one tailored to my individual needs. Relaxing Indian Head massages to deeper muscle during marathon training to mention just a few. Roisin has a wealth of experience and this is reflected in the quality of her treatments

Massage Client

Roisin is very attentive and will listen to exactly what you want from your treatment. I have a lot of tightness in my back and neck to the point I was struggling to do work comfortably. After receiving a massage I have felt much much better and will definitely return in future.

Massage Client

First full day of no back ache in about two months. Pregnancy massage with KIH bed highly recommended.

Massage Client

I recently had a pregnancy massage with Roisin and couldn’t recommend her enough. She is highly skilled and professional at what she does. She creates such a relaxing atmosphere and definitely eased a lot of strain in my back

Massage Client

I had my 7 year old with Roisin today for massage due to ongoing muscular issues. Roisin made her feel so relaxed and I couldn’t believe how long she was able to work on her. The whole experience was enjoyable for her and she floated out of the session feeling blissful.

Massage Client

Roisin’s expertise is beyond measurable. Her deep tissue massage has helped disperse muscle pain that has been in the body for a very long time. Each time I receive reflexology from Roisin I always feel relaxed and my sleep improves dramatically. The aftercare advice is so beneficial as Roisin has familiarised herself with all my concerns.

Massage Client


I have been getting Roisins facials for quite a while now and I have never had a facial like it before in my life. It is not just a facial but also an upper body massage and I can actually feel the tension being released from my body. It is one of those treatments you don’t want to end and you look forward to the next one as it is just sheer heaven. She is a beautiful person, very professional and she has created such a relaxing atmosphere in her Little House of Calm.

Facial Client


I have been attending Scar Therapy sessions on a regular basis with amazing success. Following a double mastectomy and two surgeries on the lung, I was left with very thick scar tissue. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to receive this very innovative treatment which allowed me, under the supervision of my GP, to wean myself off heavy painkillers and my scars are now barely noticeable.

Since ‘lockdown’ I have been unable to avail of Roisin’s treatments and my nerve ending pain levels have totally escalated accompanied by a severe burning sensation to the soles of my feet, leg and back. I really miss my treatments but this break has totally reinforced just how much the scar therapy, alongside Roisin’s other complementary therapies have helped me to manage my pain levels over the past few years and paving the way for a better quality of life.

Scar Therapy Client


I would highly recommend life coaching with Roisin. I felt it was extremely helpful in assisting me reach my goals and providing guidance, empowerment and insight on how to make improvements in my day to day life. This has been very beneficial process particularly in a time when it has been needed during Covid 19 lockdown.

Coaching Client

I have been going to Roisin for several years . I just love the atmosphere at the Little House of Calm and whatever I’m feeling, stressed , anxious, etc as soon as I walk into her space it’s relaxed and I go into a place of calm. I’ve had all her treatments including life coaching and they are amazing as Roisin has so much passion her therapy treatments.

Coaching Client